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What is a Lego Party
What is a Brick Lab Party
  • What do we (Brick Lab) bring to the event?
    Brick Lab Trailer Stocked full with over 60,000 Bricks, Base Plates and Mini Figures Party Tent 10x20 Party Tent with all the tables and chairs needed for your event Brick Lab Party Host Trained personnel hosting your event
  • What do you (the host) provide?
    Electricity Grounded 3-prong outlet within 75 feet of the trailer Adult Supervision At least one adult to help with the children Outdoor Space Area at least 20x20 feet. Grassy area or pavement works best, plus space to park the trailer nearby
  • What is the recommend age for the Brick Lab?
    Our recommended age is 5 - 105
  • Do the children take home their creations?
    Birthday Parties - Each child will take home their own Mini Figure which they create, a Brick Bracelet and an Activity Sheet. Other Events - Each with receive a Brick Bracelet and an Activity Sheet.
  • What is your rain policy?
    In the case of threatening weather conditions a minimum two hour notice is required to reschedule your event. If the event is not rescheduled prior to the two hour notice full payment is expected.
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